Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Industrial Trainning Programmes- UM & UITM ( 13 Dec 2010- 31 may 2011)

For the past 6 months ( December 2010 until May 2011 ), I have been undergoing my industrial training at Azman Wong Salleh & Co, located at Menara Tun Abdul Razak ( KOMTAR ), Johor Bahru.

Undeniably, the experience that I had gathered these past 24 months is so precious and meaningful in molding the person who I am today. It had made me a better person. I am able to apply all the knowledge and skills that I have learned from my school and varsity days, to the real work environment during my industrial training.

Thanks to all the experience that I had gathered, I am now able to position and carry myself in a more presentable way during various situations. Besides that, my motivation level has also increased because all the work related stress that I had come across can now be controlled by my own strong motivation.

During my internship period, I have observed and analyzed the overall workplace over time. Finally, I am able to identify some imperfections in their current work practices. I had managed to come out with some recommendations for the audit firm that hopefully will help them to strengthen and improve Azman Wong Salleh & Co’s performance.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my highest gratitude to the people that I am grateful to. First of all, I would like to thank the Faculty of Business and Accountancy (FPP), University of Malaya for setting up a platform for students to experience the actual working environment which is the internship. Besides that, I would also like to thank Azman Wong Salleh & Co for giving me the opportunity to apply and practice my knowledge in the auditing field.


pu3_ZMT said...

untung lar jadi auditor...seronok lar hidup....

EsPeRAnZa said...

untung ker jd auditor?huhuuuuu